Hi everyone! I wasn’t quite done with publishing more comics in February. I’d like to surprise you with another Sketch Artist Koko promo comic! I’ve even upgraded the file resolution to be on par with the Yogurt series!

Following along with the last promo comic, I’d like to introduce Patty to the series! Patty is a tuxedo cat conjured up by Koko using her magical drawing abilities. The very first picture book in the series will tell you the story of how Patty came to be, hence the book name “Sketch Artist Koko and the Cat Named Patty”! Chronologically, Patty is Koko’s first true companion before meeting Hazel. So somewhere down the line, I’d like to make a book about Koko and Hazel.

In this comic, Hazel meets Patty for the first time, and is completely enamored by him! She almost immediately proceeds to cuddle up with Patty, but the feelings are definitely not mutual. Patty pulls out his paws and begins to scratch and bite Hazel as if he were fighting for his dear life. Luckily, Koko was there to dispel the one-sided quarrel, otherwise that would’ve ended up a whole lot worst for Hazel.