A new comic for the week! Vol.4 update! Yogurt Short Comics Vol.4 will be shipping out to readers who have pre-ordered a copy starting this week! Unfortunately, there are no longer any more copies available for readers who did not place a pre-order. That said, if you’d still like to obtain a copy, please contact me and I’ll be sure to inform you of a future print run some time next year.

Yogurt and her dad are out shopping for parts at a local home and auto department store. These large stores will often have all sorts of tools, car stuff, and camping gear. They also happen to have sports equipment too. Yogurt finds an aisle containing a variety of ice skates. Her dad finds her eyeing a pair of skates and recalls a time when his daughter went skating back in kindergarten. As a bit of a treat to helping him out, he offers to buy a new pair of skates for his daughter.