Hi everyone! I have a new comic to share for the week! However, I do have some news to share. If you’ve been following me on my socials, you might have seen that I’ve celebrated reaching my target goal of 80K words for my Vampire Enya novel! I’ve finally reached the climactic event of the first volume, and I’m now writing the closing chapters of the book. Now, it’s still a little bit too early to celebrate, as there’s still a lot of work up ahead with completing the book in full. Work such as rewrites and additional drafts, but I think that once I have the first draft of the manuscript ready, I’ll be focusing more on the editing process.

In this comic, Berry and Yogurt have successfully cleared a level in the puzzle platformer game they were playing! The two of them had a lot of fun with it, even getting cheers from their friends! It’s one of those funny games with hilarious physics and controls that make it pretty entertaining to watch, and maybe mildly frustrating for someone playing it. Despite that, it was still a really fun game for them to play!