Hi everyone! This month’s chapter is coming up to a close very soon! Anyways, Yogurt and her friends have finished spending their day at a corn maze! It was fun for them to walk around and get lost in it. Now they are back in town. In this comic, Livvy finds out that Terry is taking classes at RCIT now! This was something that Terry has been working hard to save up enough money for, and now he’ll be able to work on furthering his career in culinary arts!

With the two of them now going to the same school, Terry and Risa even managed to find time to see each other on campus, kind of like the old days of them being in middle school and high school. Olivia, of course, can’t help but wonder if the two of them have been seeing each other at all. She say so while glancing over at Yogurt and Berry, who are already quite well established as a couple.