A new comic for the week! Just a bit of an update for my upcoming Vampire Enya novel. I’m currently sitting at roughly 67K words in my first draft! I’m quickly approaching the climax and the closing chapters of the first volume that will conclude the first arc of the Enya saga. There’s still a lot of work ahead once I’m finished with the first draft, so I’m not exactly out of the woods yet!

In this comic, Risa and Terry have order a couple of sushi dishes at their table! As they’re complimenting their dinner, they recall the times when they had travelled to Japan a couple of years ago. It didn’t seem like a long time ago, but it was! As the two reminisce on their travels, they begin to think about perhaps one day saving up to travel there again, or anywhere else for that matter. With the two of them now working, it’s really only a matter of setting aside some funds to help pay for their trip.