Comic #700! Another hundred milestone has been reached! 700 comics is by no means a small number. I can tell you that even I have trouble flipping through my older comics, looking for ways to bring back old plot devices that are left behind from all the years. Anyhow, 700 comics! Admittedly, that’s a lot for any one person to binge read through and still retain all the information, between the lines or not.

In this comic, Yogurt heads up to her room and proceeds to lay down on her bed, relieved that her recent anxiety over Berry really was misplaced. Still gung-ho about it all, she recalls the earlier days, back when Berry was little bit more sheepishly shy. Even back then, Berry would always want Yogurt to read his stories, no matter how silly they can get. Yogurt starts rolling around her bed in joy of discovering that Berry is still the same old Berry, albeit a little bit more dependable and self-reliant than his former self.