A new comic for the week!

Risa and Terry are building a snowman! When the snow is wet enough, rolling up large clusters of snow becomes easier and is a lot of fun. It makes for building snowmen a breeze, but it can be easy to get carried away and roll a cluster that becomes too big.

Site update! Over the past week, I’ve been doing some behind the scenes work in maintaining the site. YogurtMedia now resides in a Canadian data centre, as opposed to a US one. I’ve also fixed the mail server, so there shouldn’t be any issue contacting me by my domain’s email address. As it turns out, the node which YogurtMedia resided on last was damaged, which led to all sorts of problems. Luckily, moving nodes is fast and easy to do.

A batch of preorders will be shipped out tomorrow! Thank you everyone for your patience. Once again, anyone who had preorder a copy for local pickup, please contact me.