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Not long after Terry arrived at the cafe to meet up with Risa, another figure decides to show up. After hearing a familiar voice call out to her, Risa looks over in surprise. It was her older brother, Rich. It has been years since Risa had last saw her brother in person. He’s been travelling around the world and working overseas. This meeting is a little sentimental for Risa, after all, she grew up idolizing her older brother, even though they have regular sibling quarrels. But aside from the touching reunion, it is now unclear to Risa just who wrote the note in her locker to begin with.

I haven’t drawn Richie in such a long time. He has shown up in passing before, but never in-person ever since his chapter ended a few years back. Since I was already redesigning several characters ever since the high school arc started, I might as well make Richie look a little more his age. For the most part, he still kept several design traits, but now he’s updated to match the current style of the comics.