One more comic for the week! I have some good news! My table for the Edmonton Expo has been confirmed and my booth number is AA806! It just so happens to be the same table that I had last year. This time around, I will be bringing a lot of new merch, everything from new books, prints, and CDs! Some of the highlights I have are my winter wall scrolls, my inktober 2018 collection, and a new category of 13×19″ prints that I’ve printed out right here at home with the new printer I got over the summer! The convention will be held in Edmonton, Alberta on September 20-22!

In this comic, Yogurt is asking her father if he has any spare laptop computer that he can lend out to her. Yogurt hasn’t really found the need to use a laptop through her college or even high school years. But after seeing Berry use his laptop to get some work done, she’s convinced that having a laptop means that she’ll be more productive and stuff. As it turns out, Papa has one lying around somewhere. So the two of them start looking for it.