Hi everyone! I am back with another comic for the weekend! As I approach the end of the first volume of My Lonely Orphan Vampire Enya, I’ve been getting pretty excited to finally be able to hold my physical novel! While it’s certainly not the first book I’ve ever published, the Enya novel still be a wonderful addition to add to my growing catalogue of publications. The Yogurt Short Comics series will continue to be the mainstay of YogurtMedia, but it’s nice to finally branch out and actually publish a new series.

As you’ve probably have guessed, especially if you’ve been keeping a close eye on my streams and even in my comics, the worlds of Yogurt and Enya are one and the same universe altogether. This concept expands to Sketch Artist Koko, as well as a bunch of my other original characters that you might have seen. This means that there’s the slim chance that Yogurt and Enya’s lives may cross at some point. It’s funny to think about, especially when you consider the nature of the two series are completely different from one another. If anything, I like to think that Yogurt is like a background character, if at all present, in Enya’s fantastical and mysterious story of the occult and supernatural. While from Yogurt’s perspective, she is oblivious to the supernatural occurrences around her, as her story and worldview are more grounded in reality and daily life.