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Yogurt was finally able to come up with an idea of some sort to give Berry a Valentine’s Day gift. She quickly decided to go for the “secret admirer” idea, and wrote that onto the tag of her gift. She might be relieved now, but she had completely forgotten about her Valentine’s Day card that was previously enclosed in the bag, which had her name on it. Some people like to put both a tag and a card in their gifts, for the sake of redundancy that if you happen to miss one of them, you are bound to read the other.

Berry was under the impression that a gift from a secret admirer was typically from someone who has a crush on him, a person who wasn’t known. Having the sender’s name anywhere in the gift wouldn’t exactly make it a secret anymore, does it? Well, Yogurt just wanted to give him the gift normally, just like any other year before. However, this year turned out a little different. It will probably be something that they’ll end up looking back and laugh at.