Another comic for the week! Yogurt Short Comics Vol.5 has officially been published. I’ve sent in my final version for printing, so it won’t be long now before my order of books come in! For anyone that had pre-ordered copies, I will be sending out invoices by email! Simply pay the invoice to have your pre-order fulfilled and shipped out to you!

In this comic, Yogurt froze up on the spot during her cross-country snowshoe hike along the river valley near her city. Berry runs over and grasps on to her. Yogurt is very worried and scared. She can’t seem to move her legs at all. She’s stuck there, exhausted, and perhaps about to collapse. Her father runs up to them, pulling out a flask and some snacks for Yogurt. Even though Yogurt just had lunch, her father suggests taking another break for Yogurt to recuperate.