One last comic for the month! I just have a short update to share regarding my Vampire Enya novel! I’ve been hard at work going through over the second draft of my manuscript, hoping that I will have a near-finalized manuscript soon. I’ve begun putting together the interior of my novel, including the formatting and various styles necessary to give my novel that professional look on the inside. My goal is to fast track a proof copy that I can hold in my hands hopefully by the end of this summer. At the rate that I’m working, however, this might happen sooner. The earlier the proof copy can get to me, the more time I will have to review the book before deciding to do the official print run!

In this comic, Terry and Risa are back to walking through the con together again after spending some time at a game studio’s booth. Risa is looking pretty happy! As it turns out, she’s in awe for having to meet the very faces and talents behind the games that she enjoys playing together with her friends. She holds up a business card for the studio with pride, knowing that she had met someone in the video game industry that’s focused on making fun games for everyone.