One more comic for the week! We’re quickly approaching the end of this month’s chapter fo comics! Thank you so much for keeping up!

In this comic, Yogurt just witnessed a modern digital book printing machine in her local library. In this facility, aspiring authors can come by and publish a book digitally, making it available for readers on a vast range of public libraries and networks. With Olivia’s expertise, Yogurt and Berry were able to bring over a master digital copy of their book, from which they can have published and printed at their library. Yogurt, who has never seen something like this before, is in awe to see the book that she and Berry did together. It might seem quite trivial to a lot of people, but for Yogurt, it was an unforgettable experience to publish and print a book together with Berry like that. Of course… They have a lot to thank Olivia for here.