One last comic for the month! Just a quick update, Yogurt Short Comics Vol.4 are expected to arrive at my doorstep some time this week. Once they’ve arrived, I’ll post an update on my social profiles about them! For those that have pre-ordered a copy, I will be sending a payment invoice once I’ve prepared everything!

The chapter ends off with Yogurt and her friends returning back to the reality of them playing board games. Somewhat inspired by old school role-playing games, Olivia pulled out a game that Yogurt and her friends could play. It was something similar to the game that I had teased at the end of the last board game chapter. In the end, Yogurt and her party members did not clear the dungeon, and are left to continue the game from the start. Olivia and the others hinted that Yogurt aggressively tried to take on the boss monster in her healer class character. Surprisingly, she was able to put up a match, almost nabbing the boss for herself before getting knocked out of the battle.