One last comic for the month! This has been a very pleasurable month of comics to work on. Lots of Risa and Terry here. I think Risa’s relationship with Terry is pretty healthy. The two of them regularly do things together, like playing video games and such.

I’d like to imagine that as Risa got older, she had become a little more awkward around others. In the past, she was pretty sociable and spunky. But I’ve noticed that the more I’ve written her indulging in her various niche hobbies and interests, such as video games, programing, drones, model building, or streaming, the more I’ve begun seeing how she may be becoming more awkward in real-life social settings, especially around folks who are “normal”. In a way, Terry serves like a grounding post for Risa, since Terry is pretty much the “normal” guy in this relationship. Perhaps in some ways, Risa feels a little self-conscious of herself and her interests. She knows she’s a little weird and has a bunch of interests you wouldn’t associated with normal folks.

For that reason, in this comic, Risa explicitly thanks Terry for playing games with her, even so far as to collab together with her in a stream, to make things even more niche.