Hi everyone! I have another comic for the week! Just a little bit of an update on my Vampire Enya novel. I’m currently sitting roughly around the 70K word mark for the novel, and I’ve reached the climactic point in the book! It’s a pretty important spot in the narrative, but it’s one that will open up the story for future entries. As I begin to wrap up the first volume and its closing chapters, I’ve given myself a pat on the back for making it this far. It’s not exactly finished yet, but there will certainly be more to do after this first draft is complete. The editing process will take me a while, so there will likely be many rewrites depending on how I feel the pacing of the story is.

Anyways, I do have a new comic to share! In this comic, Risa picks out a game for Yogurt to play. However, it’s not just a regular old game. It’s a co-op game that Yogurt can play together with Berry! Risa periodically lends out some games to Yogurt for them to play, but now that they’re actually here at Risa’s house, they can just pick any game they want to play from Risa’s personal collection. And yeah, she has a lot of games! I’d imagine that the game that Risa picked out for them is something that’s like one of those physics-based puzzle platformers. Casual puzzle games, but ones that do stretch your brain a little bit to accomplish!