A new comic for the week! Risa and her parents are having a bit of a chat over their upcoming family vacation back home to Japan! Risa is still in a bit of awe and is somewhat hesitant to go. Her mom reassures her that cost can be covered if that’s something that’s bothering her. However, her dad seems to have a better idea as to why Risa feels a little hesitant. As it turns it, Risa has been wondering about inviting Terry to come along on their trip to Japan, something that she had inadvertently promised to ask of him back when the cherry blossoms came a few months ago.

I know I haven’t shown him at all, but this is the first comic with Risa’s dad in it. He has a striking resemblance to his son Richie, but otherwise he’s a tall dad. I know I haven’t shown him before, but for this scene, I figured he was necessary. It’s not like Risa didn’t have a father. She very much has a well-intact family. Not exactly sure what he does, but I like to think her dad kind of inspired Risa’s interests in hobbies and technology to an extent.