Hi everyone! I have another comic to share for the week! I do have a bit of news to share. Yogurt Short Comics Vol.9 has finished printing and is now on its way to me! Pretty soon, hopefully within the next week or so, I should be seeing my new books come in! For anyone that placed a pre-order, I will be reaching out to you soon!

This comic continues on from the conversation during the last comic. Yogurt was feeling a little anxious with her orientation just coming around the corner. Berry was able to recognize this, although Yogurt doesn’t really try too hard to hide it. Berry does what he does best and helps give Yogurt a little peptalk to bring her back down to earth and to hopefully help see the bigger picture. Although these are things that Yogurt probably already knows, I think just hearing it coming from Berry is reassuring. He’s on her side, and that’s pretty helpful for keeping her footing.