A new comic for the week! In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve recently opened up pre-orders for my second book, which is due for release this upcoming  late October – early November. Check out this [link] for details. I’d like to only print enough for all pre-orders, with very limited warehousing afterwards. Needless to say, but  I cannot guarantee a copy to those who do not pre-order. Having learned my shortage mistakes last year, my goal this time would be to achieve all current demands within one print run.

In this comic, Yogurt and Berry are checking out gel pens at the supply store. Risa is bit further away, as she snarks about how gel pens are pretty weak compared to other better pens. Her favourite kinds being fountain pens. It looks like Terry got caught up in her little internal rant. Gel pens were quite the rage back when I went to elementary and middle school, but they still managed to stick around well into my university years. I don’t quite know if they still are, but now it looks like tablets are kicking it off in schools now.