Hi everyone! I have another comic to share! I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! I’ve always thought of Valentine’s Day as a special day of love, all kinds of love. Everything from the romantic eros love to unconditional agape or even storge love that you may have for friends and family. Perhaps one of the most underappreciated types is also philautia, or self-love. It’s important to realize your self-worth and your potentials. Throughout the beginnings of the Adulthood Arc, we can see slow growth on Yogurt’s part in overcoming her anxious nature and improving her self-esteem. A big weight gain over the first year of university did quite a number on her, but she’s now growing stronger and taking control in small steps, with choices like keeping fit, eating healthy, and loving herself more.

In this comic, Yogurt and her friends are paying for their dinners! A lot of folks these days would be greeted with the option to pay for their meals at a restaurant altogether, separately, or in groups. Here, Terry tries to pay for his own meal, so as not to really be much of a burden on others (something that does bother him even from the Childhood Arc). But he is quickly intervened by Risa offering out her phone to pay for both her and Terry’s meals.