One last comic for the month! Thank you everyone for tagging along this month! It was a shorter month of comics to celebrate Yogurt’s 22nd birthday. I wanted to have the whole gang get together again. What better way to do it than to try to get everyone back at the restaurant, just like how they used to celebrate birthdays back when they were still in school together.

I wanted the chapter to feel a little bit like a rehash of the past, but now in the context of their adulthood and the changing circumstances from the passage of time. Yogurt’s dad no longer owns the restaurant, and instead Terry has been hard at work keeping it going. A lot has happened even over the last year. Not to mention that now that everyone is an adult and working, it’s been difficult to get everyone together once again. They still do, often with the help of Olivia coming up with some neat ideas. However, in this case, Berry’s the one who came up with the idea. He told his game plan to everyone else ahead of time, and now they’re here together to celebrate Yogurt’s birthday together!