Another comic for the week! In the last comic, Yogurt was in the middle of her study session. She has a bunch of exams and assignments that she needs to study for, but the stress has been getting to her. One of the ways that she tries to help cope with that stress is just doodling. She sneakily pulls her tablet close so that she can draw for a little bit, thinking that nobody around her would’ve noticed.

Some time a little later, Berry shows up behind her. Without so much as a greeting, Berry quietly watched Yogurt draw, taking care not to break her creative focus as Berry observes the little intricate motions and strokes of the brush. As Yogurt reaches completion, Berry compliments on her art, finally giving her a greeting. Yogurt was surprised and even a little embarrassed. She was completely unaware that Berry was watching her draw.

I like to imagine that the tablet that Yogurt uses is like a cross between our real world iPads and Surface Pros. In universe, I imagine there’s a tech company that combines all the best strengths of our parallel companies, kind of like how Wintenmo made the Shift, which is essentially a high end PC with 10+ hours battery life in the form factor of a Switch.