Hi everyone! It’s a new month and I have a new chapter to share! As you might have already heard on my other socials and profiles, I’ve completed the first draft of my Vampire Enya novel, clocking in at roughly 97,000 words. This is a huge milestone achieved, and I want take the time to sit back and relax for a bit from writing before I reread the whole book from start to finish. There’s still plenty of work ahead to do as I put the novel through the editing and rewriting process. But regardless, it’s quite the accomplishment to have finally put together the full first draft after roughly 5 months of writing.

To start off this chapter, I want to return to something that’s a bit more casual for the Yogurt series. Risa awakens in the middle of a grass field, with the clear blue sky above. She is surrounded by her friends. Yogurt and Berry are there, and so are Olivia and Terry! As Risa runs up to the cliffside, they were greeted by the sight of a vast open world filled with wonders and new discoveries. They are in an open-world video game!