Another comic for the week!

Yogurt and her friends are getting very close to celebrating their high school graduation. There’s a whole lot of uncertainty for what’s to come after school. Even Yogurt herself isn’t quite that confident for what is to come. But I suppose before that, they should be focusing on savouring their last moments in high school together. The high school prom is coming up, and the girls have already been thinking about what to wear to the prom. It’s one of the few times that they can dress up fancy.

In this comic, Risa isn’t actually all that worried about what to wear to the prom. She’s not really the person to care all that much about fashion. However, when contested by her mother, who suggested that if Risa wouldn’t decide on what to wear, then she’ll pull out one of Risa’s party dresses from elementary school. This realization probably hurt Risa a little more than it needed to, especially since she’ll likely be able to fit in her old party dresses. But perhaps her mother was able to motivate Risa to head out and do a little bit of window shopping for a new dress, one that is a bit more suitable for a high school graduation.