Hi everyone! I have another comic to share! But before I talk about that, I do want to talk about some stuff I’ve been focusing on lately. I’ve been slowly getting back into making music again. Another Yogurt soundtrack is a possibility in the future, but I won’t limit myself to only that. I would like to explore different sounds and styles, creating musicscapes that I haven’t really done much before. I hope you’ll be able to stick around for that!

In this comic, Terry explains to Risa that the scarf he’s wearing is a special scarf, which is why he simply cannot bring himself buy a replacement. It was the scarf that Risa made for him back in 2012, over 11 years ago. The scarf had gone through a lot together with Terry and everyone else, and so it has some sentimental value to him. Risa at first was a little dumbfounded that she had forgotten about the scarf, but the memories starts flowing back again once Terry reminded her. She understood why the scarf was so special.