One more comic for the week! Just a quick update about my Vampire Enya novel progress. I’ve made to the 30k word milestone, bringing about the start of the second act of the story that I have planned for the first book. It’s been a lot of fun working on my book so far. While I certainly have published books before, such as the Yogurt series, I’ve never actually written a novel before. So this has certainly been a fun and exciting experience. Plus I’m just super excited to be able to share with you Enya’s story. Hopefully it’ll be ready for printing sometime this year once I’ve done writing and editing everything!

In this comic, Berry found Yogurt wondering around the library. Yogurt was briefly admiring the book printing machine that she has used together with Berry at some point a few years back. Yogurt turns to Berry once more, and tells him that he should try making a novel out of the story ideas that he told her the other day! Berry, however, doesn’t seem to share Yogurt’s excitement. Perhaps he’s worried about how the story will turn out, or how difficult it will be to put everything together. He has every right to think so as well. Writing a story can be a very challenging process.