A new comic for the week! I have some pretty disappointing news to share. As it turns out, because of recently announced changes and advisories from the government here at home, I have decided to postpone my trip to Japan. It’s a bit disappointing that I will not be traveling overseas, but at the same time, I’m kind of glad as I will be able to continue my comics and illustrations on a regular basis. On a more positive note, I’ve recently revamped my Ko-fi profile, including giving it a facelift and added the option for supporters to donate on a monthly basis. While I’ve already had a Ko-fi account for close to two years, I’ve decided to make it a bit more public and on-par with my Patreon account. Functionally, I will be treating Ko-fi the same way as I’ve been treating Patreon, and that all perks and redeemable goods would remain the same regardless of which platform you may decide to donate on. Ultimately, I believe that any form of donations is an added bonus that I very much appreciate, but not necessarily rely on to make ends meet. My goal is to always keep my comics free and online for people to enjoy, and paywalled content is something that I do not believe fits with my works (at least for non-physical stuff).

In this comic, Yogurt is back at home and is studying super hard, with lots of her books and papers laid out all over her desk. She’s feeling very overwhelmed, when she remembered what Risa said the other day about self-care and taking breaks. She texts up Berry to see if he would like to come over. Yogurt’s mixed feelings and anxiety builds up. She knows that she needs to study and work on her assignments and stuff, but she also knows that breaks are important. She feels a little conflicted, but she knows it’s for the best.