As it turns out, Terry has an interest in cooking, seeing how he really admires Yogurt’s dad as a Chef.

While I have touched upon it before, Terry comes from a family that is rather borderline when it comes to financial status. It didn’t really seemed like it at first, since he was able to go to the movies with friends (did he actually pay for the ticket himself?) and even order in high quality chocolate (which Risa ended up with anyways). Wait, does he even have a cell phone? Nope.

Well, if you ask me, Terry is quite the mystery…

I guess it’s rather motivating for Terry to be able to aim as high as being an executive chef just to have the opportunity to cook for his family. Well, nothing is stopping him from simply cooking, but maybe he aims to make it his profession regardless. Either way, it seemed like it got to Yogurt and Berry there. Heh.