A big thank you once again from my patrons on Patreon! I’ve received your patronage, and have immediately used it to cover the web hosting costs for the month.

It’s a new month, and I have a new comic! Risa is going for a quick jog through a large open park, when she notices a loud buzzing nearby. At first, she thought it was a giant mosquito passing by overhead, but it turned out to be a something cooler. At a better glance, she realizes that the sounds she heard was actually coming from two guys racing their quadcopters. She was immediately captivated by them.

This chapter is pretty much directly inspired by my recent endeavors with jumping into the RC multirotor hobby. As Risa is a huge geek around computers, electronics, and video games, seeing her jumping into quadcopters isn’t very hard to imagine. The market for DIY racing quadcopters have been growing exponentially as of late, even so far as to spark a movement to make it a mainstream sport. I’m still a newbie in the whole ordeal, but that makes it easy to write from Risa’s point of view from here on. Look forward to it!