Happy new year everyone! It’s a new year and I hope that everything goes well this year! I have a new chapter to kick off January, returning back to Yogurt after last month’s fairly climactic one with Risa and Terry finally getting together after so many years! Honestly, I want to see how Yogurt and everyone else would react to it, especially Olivia, who has always been the kind of person to really push hard and ship her friends together.

This chapter starts with Yogurt at the daycare looking out the window and admiring the fluffy white snow that’s piling up outside. She remembers the times when she was younger and outdoors playing in the snow, whether it’s tobogganing, skiing, or even snowball fights and making snowmen! She looks towards the kids at the daycare and wonders if they would be interested in doing the same thing! However, she notices that things are just slightly different than how things were like when she was a young kid. Nowadays, kids have all sorts of fancy gadgets and tablets, games and apps to keep them occupied. Something of a modern playtime!