And with this comic, this chapter comes to a close! Next month, Yogurt will be starting her very first semester as a student teacher. It will be a rather new experience for her, and one that might just make or break her commitment to teaching. She’s been thinking a lot about teaching this chapter, wondering if she’d make a good teacher, wondering how the kids will treat her and all. But from what we’ve seen, Yogurt is nothing short of being super excited for it all. We shall soon see!

Thank you everyone for keeping up with me this month! It’s been a short month, but one that has been refreshing and fun for me. I’ve been thinking a lot about reopening my commissions again, or rather reopening it up as a new for-hire design service. If you’ve been following me on twitter, I’ve mentioned a few passing thoughts about how I want to run my commissions from here on. I want to work on more character designs, concepts, backgrounds, and settings. I want to work with people that wish to work with me on a slightly longer term basis, working on creating pieces that will be put towards a bigger so that I can help others achieve their ambitions, even if it’s a small step. Perhaps it’s somebody that specifically wants to have my art for their project, who knows. Once I’ve ironed out all these details, I will reopen my design service again!