Another comic for the week! Once again, thank you so much for following my comics for this long! I still have lots planned. I am very eagerly waiting for a bunch of new merch to show up in the mail. Wall scrolls and CDs, and hopefully a set of upcoming 3D charms of my characters!

In this comic, Risa arrived at Yogurt’s Dad’s restaurant to grab a bite to eat. Of course, there’s a little more to that, though. She’s quite curious to check up on Terry and ask him if he’s free at all during reading week, or even perhaps Valentine’s Day. After receiving her dinner, Risa stares blankly towards the back of the restaurant where the kitchen is, contemplating on whether or not Terry is around. Yogurt Maid assures her that she can go and Terry know that she’s here. This comes to Risa as a surprise. How did Yogurt Maid know what Risa was thinking about at that moment? Is it some kind of magic? Or perhaps is it really that easy to read Risa’s face?