One more comic for the week!

In this comic, Olivia gets a chance to catch up with Risa! After casually showing up hand-in-hand with Terry, Risa explains to Olivia everything that transpired over the holidays. Olivia finds out that Risa has been keeping hush hush about her and Terry so that she could surprise everyone today! Although, Berry kept close contact with Risa, as he was the one that Risa drew a lot of advice and encouragement from. Perhaps somewhere down the line, Yogurt was made aware, but it was likely that Berry respected Risa’s privacy and kept much of the bigger details under wraps.

All in all, Olivia was happy to hear that Risa finally made things official with Terry! Although, she seemed a little sad that Risa didn’t quite come to her for advice, she’s still nonetheless relieved and happy in seeing one of the ships that she’s been shipping for so long finally sailed.