A new comic for the week!

It wasn’t exactly Yogurt’s finest hour in her race against Risa and Olivia. After a little bit of careless skating, Yogurt trip along the ice, spraining her ankle and hitting the ice hard. Berry rushes to her aid. He picks her up and accompanies her to her dad. The race wasn’t really as important, so Yogurt’s friends just watched as the Yogurt and Berry went off to the sidelines.

Hopefully everyone is enjoying the Christmas season! New Years is quickly approaching, but I hope to deliver one more comic strip before the end of the year. Next year will be a big one on my end. I plan to have Yogurt Short Comics Vol.5 and Sketch Artist Koko done within the year. In addition, I also hope to release my second album, Yogurt Original Image Soundtrack Vol.2. The amount of work up ahead is quite daunting, but I have confidence that I can chip away at it bit-by-bit and deliver some of my best work.