A new comic for the week!

In this comic, Risa and Olivia are shopping at the supermarket for some ingredients! In particular, they are looking for things that they can use for making homemade chocolate. With the help of Olivia’s maid, it shouldn’t be a problem whatsoever! Risa grabs some nice chocolate bars in hopes that she can just melt them down into shapes she wants. However, Olivia was quick to shut down that proposal, telling Risa that they’ll be using cocoa beans regardless.

In a way, this comic is a bit of a callback to the older comics where Risa and Yogurt were making chocolate. There was a year where Risa brought only finished chocolates over to melt down, rather than making chocolates from scratch using beans. To this day, Risa still doesn’t think that there’s anything wrong with melting down chocolates. It’s still a very legitimate way to do chocolates at home, at least when you’re in a hurry.