A new comic for the week!

Risa just bought a tiny quadcopter to fly around indoors and practice a bit with her flying skills. Terry watches over her, and is even a bit surprised to see how happy Risa is. So much so that he misses out some of the cool tricks that Risa is trying to show him with the quadcopter.

I’ve recently made a few notable updates. The first being that the Yogurt Short Comics Vol.4 book cover has been completed, along with various other inserts that will be in the book. In addition to that, the Yogurt Original Image Soundtrack has been completed, and is now available as a digital download. I will also be working on producing a physical CD release, which will include some bonus content as well.

Even though the soundtrack has been completed, I hope to deliver more music down the line. I might even work on producing a second volume OST.