Hi everyone! I have a new comic again! As I’ve mentioned before on my stream, I will be taking a week off to spend some time with family on a vacation. I won’t be around to work on many comics next week, so I will try to get as many done this week before I leave this coming Thursday!

In this comic, Yogurt wakes up bright and early in the morning. She heads on downstairs to the kitchen and starts preparing breakfast. She’ll be making breakfast for her dad this morning! Lately, we’ve been seeing Yogurt do a lot of things to help out her dad. After having gone through the incident back in March, Yogurt is really trying to value her time that she has with her dad. For the rest of this chapter, you’re going to see that a bit more.

Now that Yogurt’s dad is on his way to retirement, and Yogurt just about finishing up her schooling to become a teacher, she’ll likely have a bit more time to spend with her dad!