Another comic for the week! Just a bit of an update to share. I’m currently in the process of editing and rewriting my Vampire Enya novel. So far there hasn’t been any major changes made, but there were a bunch of smaller edits and additions that I’ve fixed. I’ve been enjoying what I’ve written so far, which is a good sign that it will turn out to be a good read. However, I will certainly be keeping vigilant and making sure that there aren’t any obvious errors or plot holes.

In this comic, Yogurt and her friends are in the middle of putting together their base when Berry notices a tower off to the distance. Atop the tower was a shining beacon that shone high above the clouds. It turns out that this beacon is a sign for one of the main story missions that they as players would have to accomplish. Yogurt is shocked, as she didn’t think there was an actual story involved in the game with all the things they’ve been doing up until now.