One last comic for the month. And with that, I can close off the Valentine’s Day chapter for this year! Some people might be wondering where Yogurt and Berry are in all of this… Well, if my kabedon picture I posted on Valentine’s Day doesn’t give an idea, then I’ll be sure to elaborate on it a bit more in my upcoming Yogurt Short Comics Vol.6 book! It’ll just be a small tidbit.

For the last comic of the chapter, it’s the day after Valentine’s Day. Olivia and Risa had just arrived at school, and almost immediately, Olivia is curious to hear from Risa in-person about how the chocolate exchange went yesterday. Still excited from the aftershock, Risa timidly reveals the details of her confrontation with Terry to Olivia. Maddy is seen in the background, perhaps waiting for a friend to show up or so. She notices Risa and Olivia and listens in from a distance. Maddy expresses a hint of jealousy, yet respect and acceptance of Risa.

Honestly speaking, I do feel very bad for Madeline. I introduced her character years back for the sole purpose of breaking her heart. Over the years, I’ve had the time to build up her character and make her somebody that you’d probably want to root for. There’s really nothing particularly special about Maddy. She doesn’t have any interesting perks or talents outside of being way more timid and shy compared to everybody else in the cast. I often paint her as the quiet observer with no group of friends of her own. She simply admires from afar. So to see her show of efforts and courage that she built up over the years, it’s kind of heart-wrenching to see her arc end this way. Perhaps her very strongest moment was her confrontation with Terry.

So far the year has been off to a dramatic start. Both January and February have been fairly dramatic chapters. For all those just starting out the comics, I hope you’ll take the time to look back at my older comics to see everything that builds up to these moments.