One last comic for the month.

This month was perhaps the most eventful month for me. These past couple of weeks, I’ve developed a new site to host the Yogurt Short Comics, not only to make it feel more modern, but to also signify an upcoming new chapter in the Yogurt series. Yogurt is approaching the end of her junior high/middle school days. The time she spent there was perhaps the most valuable to her. She met Risa and Terry during their first year, and from that point onward, she began to open up her character. For those who have the first volume book, I perhaps don’t have to mention the cheesy get-together in the extras.

Much of Yogurt’s past has been fed over the course of the whole series, in bits and pieces of exposition. It’s easy to forget that Yogurt wasn’t always super cheerful and positive. With the middle school chapter coming to a close, Yogurt’s probably feeling all sorts of things. She could be scared, excited, nervous, or just anxious to see what lies ahead.