Hi everyone! It’s a new spring month! May is here, and to start off the chapter, I’ll be bringing up Yogurt’s special day! May 6 marks Yogurt’s 19th birthday in the comics. She’s a big girl now, but that doesn’t mean that she can’t find ways to celebrate her birthday with friends! Olivia and the others have planned something for her today!

In this comic, Yogurt is getting ready. She walks up to her dresser mirror and makes herself look a little pretty. She puts on a bit of lip gloss and wants to know how it looks! She turns to Berry to ask for his opinion. Berry, being somewhat confused as to what he should be commenting on, starts to list out things that she’s missing. Lashes, blush, glasses, or even just commenting about her messy hair. Yogurt, feeling slightly ignored, asks Berry again about the new lip gloss she has. While Berry is usually pretty attentive to the little things that Yogurt does for her appearance, even going as far as to exclusively do up her hair for her, sometimes Berry just isn’t quite on the same page as Yogurt in thought process. For this budding couple, that’s totally okay and is very much a part of their quirks in a relationship.