Hi everyone! I have another comic for the week! So far I’ve been recovering pretty nicely from my surgery last week. Much of my wounds are now healed enough to leave open in the air. Although I still have pains and itches, I should also take extra care to make sure that I don’t push myself too hard in the coming weeks, as I wouldn’t want my wounds to open up again.

In this comic, Yogurt and Berry arrive back at home where the two of them continue chatting about Berry’s grievances and anxiety of the future. Yogurt brings up a lot about how Berry has actually done a lot in his studies at the university, going so far as to get good grades and be on good terms with professors. He even attends research studies and assists with profs often. Despite this level of academic achievements, Berry still doesn’t quite have an idea as to what he really wants to do in life. He’s happy with his progress, but at the same time, he’s not happy. Yogurt feels a certain similar connection. Just like earlier in the chapter when Yogurt was going in to take her final exam, she too felt happy, but not happy that she’s close to finishing her teaching program at the university.