A new comic for the week!

In this comic, we’re focused a bit more on Hazel. She’s one of the daycare kids who’s a bit on the shy and quiet side. Her timid nature means that she sometimes has a bit of trouble socializes and talking to people. In the setting where all the kids are going from store to store to get candy, Hazel would likely be the one who would turn out last in line to get candy, as she struggles to get close and ask for candy from the store attendants.

Here, she comes running out of the store, only to be greeted by the absence of the rest of the daycare group. Hazel begins to panic. In a lot of ways, Hazel is like a young Yogurt. In the past, Yogurt was also quite anxious and a little shy. Yogurt even got lost once at an amusement park, something that was also a bit traumatic to have experienced as a kid.