Surprise! I’d like to introduce you to Sketch Artist Koko! As a little side project to be worked on alongside the Yogurt Short Comics series, I will be releasing very short extra material (short comics) pertaining to a new IP that I’m currently working on.

Sketch Artist Koko will be a series of hardcover picture books, each with their own standalone story following the life an elementary school girl named Koko. Koko has a very unique artistic ability that can only be described by the common folk as pure magic. By using her imagination and her creative skills, she can solve all sorts of her daily problems, and maybe even turn a frown upside down.

These short comics are only meant to provide a bit of extra material to the actual book series, as well as to kickstart the project from simply being an idea. However, at this point, I think calling them “pilot” comics would be appropriate. I won’t be publishing these short comics as often as my Yogurt series, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be any less exciting. Look forward to more!