A new comic! We hit the climax of this chapter. After being pulled in by Terry so that they could watch the fireworks together, Risa begins to contemplate her feelings. After years of simply being friends with Terry, she had come to realize that she holds strong feelings for him. She always had those feelings for him, but it was something she didn’t really know, didn’t really understand. There’s a side of Terry that Risa had always admired. It’s the strong, hard-working individual in him who continues to keep him going, despite all the struggles that Terry has in life.

Of all of the main Yogurt characters, Terry is the one who comes from a family that isn’t quite well to do compared to everyone else. He always had to work extra hard, be it in school or in work. With rather recent family issues too, his responsibilities for keeping the household together grew tenfold. This all coincided with Risa having spent more time with him, coming over for dinners and such. She learned a lot more about him as a result. But now, she knows for certain, after so many years of being friends, Risa has finally recognized that she has real heartfelt feelings for Terry.

Perhaps for her, staring at Terry was worth a lot more than watching the fireworks.