Hi everyone! A new comic for the week!

In this comic, Yogurt and Berry have just finished up playing a bunch of games that they’ve borrowed from Risa! You can always trust on Risa to have a huge collection of video games to play, and Risa being Risa, she’d want her friends to enjoy them just as much! Yogurt’s just about to get her phone to ask Risa when would be a good time to meet up again so that she could give back her games, but in that exact moment, Risa sends her a text message! What a coincidence.

On a side note, I did something really cool over the weekend! I finished working on an animated Yogurt drawing that I could use for my streams. I’ve always wanted to do a Yogurt illustration that’s an idle animation, similar to the kinds you’d normally see in modern day VNs or gacha games where the illustration is slightly animated. It was a lot of fun to work on! If you want to check on my animation, feel free to visit my twitter page or pixiv gallery! If not, you’ll definitely see in in my twitch streams, as I’ll be using it as an asset soon!