Another comic for the week! Thanks for being patient, everyone! Vol.6 is quickly approaching completion. Over the last week or so, I’ve compiled over 230+ pages for the book. It’s a bit up there, but there’s quite a lot of extra materials.

In this comic, Olivia just got a new board game to play with everyone! It’s one of those civilization games where you build empires and armies and such. Upon opening the box, she immediately begins to set up the game, as if she had some experience with this game before. There are a lot of pieces, cards, and rules… Yogurt is nonetheless dumbfounded by just how much there is to set up to even start the game. Perhaps Olivia is going through this too fast for Yogurt to really catch any of it. Luckily, some of these games are just easier to play than it is to explain them. That happens a lot.