Last comic for the month! And with this, it brings the chapter to close.

I wanted to end this chapter off with a slightly, uh, ambiguous close. In this comic, Yogurt suggests to Berry that the night is still pretty young and that they could other things to help pass the time. She suggests a little bit of YouFlicks and chill. Upon hearing that coming from Yogurt, Berry wonders if there are any new movies that are out, or perhaps if there are any new shows that they can watch together. However, it seems like Yogurt was thinking of another way to spend the evening.

You know, these two have been made official since 2018, and while I have been focusing more on all the more wholesome relationship interactions between Yogurt and Berry, I’ve been kind of reluctant to show the more intimate and affectionate behind-the-scenes aspects of their relationship. The dynamic these two have is very lovey-dovey, and that extend well beyond what I’ve shown in the comics. They have a very healthy relationship, something that it quite necessary to have if you want to see these two together for a very very long time.