Another comic for the week.

Time is passing by fairly quickly now in this little flashback chapter. It’s Christmas season. Yogurt has a present for her mother, but she isn’t quite feeling very happy. Yogurt begins to question the health of her mother, as more and more has her mother been feeling weaker and weaker, unable to do the things together that they once have. With the mix of emotions that are stirring in Yogurt, she looks to her father for answers.

I hope everyone is doing alright so far. I have to admit, this chapter has been quite the departure from the usual format that I follow. Bear with me on this one. It’s an important chapter for Yogurt, especially now since she’s in her final year in high school. I’ve alluded to the notion in several past chapters before, but never one that directly dealt with the subject as much as this one. I hope the chapter will show a rare side of Yogurt that would otherwise have been taken for granted.